Yaesu Setup

Please follow these steps to connect and use DigiLink Nano with Yaesu tranceivers with Mini DIN connector. This example uses Yaesu's FT-897. This guide can be used for other Yaesu transceiver, although some details may deviate.

Make sure you already set your Windows or macOS computer up for use with DigiLink Nano.

Then connect DigiLink Nano with the supplied cable to your Yaesu tranceiver's data port.

In order to use digital modes, you will need to change a few settings. This is only required once unless you change them. First, you need to set the specific digital mode. Do this as follows:

1. Press and hold in the [F] key for one second to enter the Menu mode.

2. Rotate the MEM/VFO CH knob to select Menu Mode No-038 [DIG MODE].

3. Rotate the DIAL knob to select the desired mode (see below)*.

4. Press and hold in the [F] key for one second to save the new setting and exit.

* Yaesu offers the following digital mode: RTTY-L, RTTY-U, PSK31-L, PSK31-U, USER-L and USER-U. L and U denote LSB and USB operation. If you are in doubt of which digital mode to use, try USER-U.

Now use Menu mode to configure the transceiver’s pass- band response. Once in the Menu mode, rotate the MEM/ VFO CH knob to select Menu Mode No-039 [DIG SHIFT], and rotate the DIAL knob to set the desired BFO offset. (a center frequency for the receiver response). For WSJT and similar modes, a setting of about “+1500” will be a good starting point.

Depending on how you wish the display to respond, you may program in a corresponding display shift, using Menu Mode No-036 [DIG DISP].

Finally, set the digital mode input gain. This can be done in Menu Mode No-037 [DIG GAIN]. A setting of 50 is suitable for DigiLink Nano to cover most of the audio band of the FT-897, but please keep an eye on the ALC display. Uneven frequency response of the tranceiver will need different gains for different audio frequencies but these adjustments are best done on your computer (either in your digital mode software or in Windows/Mac audio preferences. Please refer to you digital mode software user manual or the Windows / macOS setup instructions for details).

Switch your radio on and press the MODE up/down buttons to select DIG mode and set your frequency to the used digital mode's recommended frequency. And as always, set your transmit power to the minimum needed to make the contact. This is especially true for digital modes where you share the frequency range with other users.

Credits: some of the steps above were taken from Yaesu's FT-897 user manual.

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