Compact Digital Mode USB Interface

DigiLink Nano is a very compact digital mode Ham Radio interface to connect your rig to a computer or tablet and run virtually any digital mode like PSK31, RTTY, FT-4/FT-8/JT-9/JT-65, Olivia etc. Simply connect DigiLink Nano to a USB port on your computer or tablet and the other side to your rig's Mic/Speaker or digital mode port. The interface separates your rig from your computer through its built-in audio transformers and optocoupler to avoid ground loops and RF interference.

DigiLink Nano works out of the box with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS/iPadOS. No driver installation is required on any platform.

Its lightweight and compact design (50mm x 25mm x 15mm / 1.97" x 0.98" x 0.61") makes the DigiLink Nano interface particularly useful for portable use and makes for the perfect companion for emergency and prepping data exchange.

DigiLink Nano integrates a VOX circuit which is useful for radios that do not have a VOX mode or if VOX mode is not available at the digital mode port (e.g. some Yeasu radios). If not needed, the VOX circuit can be disabled.

Digital Nano connects to the radio through a single 4 pin 3.5mm audio jack. Factory made cables are available for Elecraft'ss KX line and radios with TNC style Mini-DIN data ports (many Yeasu, Icom and other radios). Open ended cables are available to build your own cable.

With its wide input/output levels, Digital Nano can be connected to virtually any radio. 

Special care has been taken to make DigiLink Nano suitable for a radio environment. All inputs and outputs are ESD protected, the PCB layout was optimized to reduce noise and interference. Power and audio inputs have additional RF filtering. A dedicated digital mode interface will also ensure that system sounds and output of other applications will not be on air.

The high quality audio CODEC and careful PCB design ensures a high signal to noise ratio and makes decoding of very weak signals possible. 

Designed in Switzerland, high quality PCB produced and assembled in China, custom enclosure made in the UK and Swiss final assembly.

Swiss Engineered